voilà, here you find tracks of our music friends and lovers

it goes with the stars edition, by clickin on the track you can listen to it, and you can save it as an mp3



Blankenese Softocore( – untitled

Tellavision – Swallow

frau kraushaar – in die swamp

Marlene Schick – HH WONDERLAND

a_cis & pom piet – Live at friendsandloversinunderground.October2011

Tulip die singende Tulpe feat. Timo Valtonen – Tribut an Klaus Nomi

Anik Lazar – Pausenclown

The Gallantiers – Red In Tooth & Claw

Terrible Eagle – hands up

andrew and the mediaterrors – jutebeutelgirl

jentle ben – andNow

100000 fools of god – track1


and a link to ralph white –


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