The real world was that.

David Chieppo (January 2012)

David says:

Friends and Lovers exhibition:
The real world was that.

but ofcourse the real world in Hamburg is a slightly sweeter version. Seamlessly smart, clean, clever sanctuary of… (censored)

The guys, the gals, they not only make their world go round, they split it up pied squared – and not just only to share with each another…

We made (well they) manufactured a kryptonite exhibition. with a little help – well a little help from me –  I did try help sweep up a bit. but i could hardly find enough stuff to fill a dustpan… what was i to work with?….

The single painting I made for the show almost gave me an aneurysm so I was on rest mode most of the time.

Plus i was jet lagged from the train ride. which has has quintupled in speed since i was last here. about a year and 3 months ago?

You thought a trip to the Home Depot made you hard, even handy?  Well this posse doesn’t even need to think about stepping up. or out, into say a local hardware.

They just create a miniature city with mind power and an allen wrench. a bare concrete parking garage is basically transformed from a shell of cold concrete and steel into a Frick’in Club Med in a matter of days or a few hours…

These cats just build a utopia within a week without even thinking about it. without ever once stepping foot into a local deli.  everything is made from scratch.  It seems that way anyway. and when it’s all finished and it seems constructed to last forever? Built to withstand earthquakes, Tidalwaves and Drone attacks… well that’s where the word Design comes in. – Flawless.  They reinvent root mechanics every time they sink a screw..

Then – when the parties‘ over?  They wake up to  fabricate their own steam/coal power plant. Just for the heck of it. – For laughs.

Ofcourse the next day it will be switched over into  a solar wind powered miniature greenhouse rainforest  -complete with cardboard elephants that are not only self-replicable but self-recyclable.“


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